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Sticky Topic Topic: Current Arcturus Application Format --> Revised October 2011  (Read 5407 times)
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« on: February 13, 2008, 02:32:18 PM »

Whether you saw it on our website, or you were directed here by a friend or someone in the guild, you've probably come here looking to apply for membership in Arcturus. What follows are some guidelines for using this forum, and for applying to the guild.

We are currently looking for Mages, Death Knights, Balance Druids, and Shaman of any specialization as well as all healers and also considering other exceptional applications on a case by case basis.

1. What is your main character's name and class?  Please list your significant alts, and their respective classes.

2. What is your main character's talent spec, and would you be willing to respec if asked? Would you be willing to alter your play style if asked?

3. What is your age?

4. Do you have a reliable WoW Computer and Internet connection?  Please explain if not.

5. We raid on weekdays 5:30ST and Saturday/Sunday at 4:00ST.  Raids typically last until 9:00ST.   List any days/times you would be able to attend each week.

6. What raiding experience have you had in this expansion?  How far have you progressed in Throne of Thunder content?  How long have you been playing the game?

7. What is your main character's current gear like? (Equipped iLevel, Heroic Blues, Rep maxed, Raid Epics, etc) Please include your WoW Armory link.

8. What UI mods do you use, and are you willing and able to install Deadly Boss Mods (or BigWigs), Omen Threat Meter, and others as requested?

9. Are you able to listen and speak on Ventrilo? (Arcturus' server runs the Speex codec)

10. What are your current/past guild affiliations, if any?  Briefly explain reasons for leaving.

11. Briefly explain why you would like to join Arcturus. Please include any references.

12. Please note below your definition of "casual" vs "hardcore."  What part of the spectrum does your playstyle fall on?

13. Please write a few sentences about yourself - Use this free form opportunity to help us get to know you!

14. Have you read the guild's policy, and do you agree with everything therein?

15. Soda or Pop?

16. Pirates or Ninjas?

17. Who shot first - Han or Greedo? Do you even know what this question is about?!

Please be aware that you are responsible for all the actions of your character in game and on the forums. Behaviour like Ninja Looting, Begging, and any maltreatment of Members of Arcturus will result in a warning being issued and on a second offense, immediate guild removal. The guild's policy can be seen here.

In-game cheating with the <Arcturus> tag will result in immediate guild removal.  If you feel the need to bot, exploit, or otherwise in an online game, Arcturus is not for you.

If your name is derogatory, offensive, inappropriate, or outright stupid, we ask that you change your name before applying.

Loot in Arcturus is distributed using a loot ratio loot system. It is a points system based on amount of time raided and total loot received.  Seniority will determine distribution in that Initiates will only receive loot if all members have passed. All initiates and applicants, however, will still accumulate loot hours.

New Initiates will only be promoted to Raider after a short probationary period AND attendance at guild raids. Membership may be postponed at the discretion of the Officers and Guild Master. Initiates may be guild removed at any time.

To complete an application to this guild, please copy the above form and fill it out, and post it in the Arcturus recruitment section.

Applications which do not follow this format and do not contain the relevant information will be disregarded, with a note posted asking you to rewrite it following the format. Posts in this forum which do not relate to applications or response to applications will be moved or deleted as the situation requires.

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